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    As I understand, everyone can share there personal experience about work with forex brokers?
    Then, for me, the best is NS Broker
    I like their protection programs! In my opinion, security is very important
    NSbroker - the best forex broker for online trading & CFD trading. It is simple and convenient to make a profit with NSbroker. Everything for high earnings on Forex.


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      BullsEye Markets Social Trading

      BullsEye Markets Represents the Social Trading to it’s clients. Now this is easy to make money with copy trading. Choose your fund manager and earn profit. Fund managers helps those clients who want to trade but don’t know anything about trading. Fund managers will manage their accounts and get their commission.

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      These are some features of BullsEye Social Trading:-

      Simple:- Copy trading is so simple. You can start anytime no need for advanced forex knowledge.

      Flexible:- By choosing from 600+ Strategy Managers, you decide who to follow & how much you want to invest.

      Safe:- In BullsEye Markets Social Trading is really very safe and secure. No one, except you, has access to your personal details or money.

      Efficient:- You can sign up within minutes, and monitor your funds in real-time.

      Accessible:- Get started in Use our BullsEyeMarkets Website or Client area to access BullsEye Markets invest directly.

      Practical:- You can withdraw your funds instantly, and pay your Strategy Manager only in case of profit's discover how much you could earn by using our forex investment calculator.


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        Become an Fund Investor with BullsEye Markets

        BullsEye Markets the Best ECN Forex Broker starts Social Trading Program. No need to worry now because of BullsEye Markets copy trading service. If you are new in trading or don’t know that how to trade in forex then you just need to open an live trading account with BullsEye Markets. Second thing you need to choose your fund manager who manage your trading for commission. The selection of fund managers is totally up to fund investors.

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        Withdraw Your Funds Anytime:- In BullsEye copy trading a fund investor can withdraw his funds at anytime if he needs.

        Decided How Much to Risk:- Clients can use Volume Allocation to determine what percentage of the Strategy Provider’s trades you wish to have copied.

        Un follow Anytime:- A fund investor can un follow the fund manager anytime and choose another one.

        Control Trades at anytime:- A fund investor can control their trades at anytime you can close your trades at anytime.

        How it works:-
        • Open an account with BullsEye Markets
        • Choose your strategy provider
        • Add Funds and Start following
        • Monitor Performance


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          BullsEye Markets

          BullsEye Markets is Best ECN Forex Broker providing CFD's on currency pair values. Bullseye is created to help the clients with best trading facilities. Our mission is to provide Best Online Customer Service to our clients so we empower and enable the traders to understand the trading strategies, gain financial independence and trading excellence in the dynamic industry.

          Our Mission

          At BullsEye Markets we offer multiple account types to our clients for trading, varied trading platform and marketing tools to help individuals and company trade forex online. Clients can have multiple account opening options and fast execution. We are dedicated to provide an extraordinary trading experience to our clients so that we continuously strive to assure the development of our services with industry leading technology, best market conditions.

          Honest and Integrity

          BullsEye Market believes in honest environment in the trading world. Our whole methodology of trading involves integrity of the values that makes us honest and integrated platform. We want to see our traders success and prosperity. All our income is generated from trading execution. BullsEye Markets runs globally awarded trading platforms.


          Staying true to our promise for an honest, ethical environment, at BullsEye Markets we take an extra mile to provide our traders with the highest standards in regulation and security of their funds. Our team has made extra efforts to ensure privacy that prevents trading loss.

          Fund Safety and Stability

          BullsEye Markets take his traders fund safety very seriously. At BullsEye Markets we continuously watch each risk associated with trading, hereby ensuring all levels of security needs . Our all traders funds are held in segregated accounts in some of the world's trusted banks. Experience out most safety knowing your investment is taken care of with safety and reliability.


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            BullsEye Markets Partners Advantages

            BullsEye Markets Partnership program offers its clients a unique trading packages and facilities that encourage you to become our partner. Our Partners can get their commission on every traded lot by partners clients. Partner can brings clients for BullsEye Markets an earn extra with us.
            • Tailord Marketing Tools
            Work with BullsEye Markets exceptional and easy-to-use tools that suits with every need. Grow your conversions with our free structured marketing tools and uphold your trading experience.
            • Fast, Reliable and Secure Payment

            We can pay your commission in a very fast way. Rely on our Nothing-To-Doubt-About payment processing. Weekly payment system is there to help you with reliable payment.
            • Earn Great Revenue

            Our Partners can get up to 15$ commission per lot traded by the client introduced by them. Earn evolving revenue through your client's trading activity.
            • Multi – Tier

            True upgraded trading platform with a desire to provide you best-in-class trading. Real-Time client account trading anytime and from anywhere.
            • No Set Up Fees

            It's easy to be a partner of Bullseye, there is no establish fee for partners. Partners can open their accounts of no cost, they can start trading with zero trading experience.
            • Account Manager

            Get support from our experienced account manager. Our Account Manager will handle whatever support you need.
            • Education

            Analyse Trading research, commodities,forex news and get idea about the market trends. Either novice or expert, get full control over trading market with our easy-to-get stuctured education.
            • Transparent and Robust

            Increase your earning potential through our superior transparent trading. Total visiblility of your accounts and your clients's trading habits.
            • Partner Commission’

            Earn up to $15 from each referral trade and 10% on the income of sub-affiliates. Get Ongoing rebate by doing our promotion, getting us new clients that you can.

            BullsEye has a partnership program that adapts your requirements. Partnership with Bullseye would be a great additon to your profit


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              BullsEye Markets Top Fund Managers

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              BullsEye Market Social Trading is the blessings for its clients who are new in forex and who have no time for trading. Our Social Trading platform provide a wide stage for all Fund Managers to show their trading skills and earn great amount of money. This is beneficial for both Fund Managers and Fund Investors. Fund Managers received their fee for managing the accounts.

              To stay updated on how Strategy Providers are doing with the assistance of the below record.

              Choose the one you prefer by comparing between their gains, maximum drawdown level, how many Followers they have attracted, or their stability score. You can watch their ranking on the website and choose best for you.



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                BullsEye Markets Best ECN Forex Broker of the market

                BullsEye Markets is the Best ECN Forex Broker providing CFD's on currency pair values. Bullseye Markets is created to help the clients with best trading action. Our mission is to provide Best Online Customer Service to our clients so that empower and enable the traders to understand the trading strategies, gain financial independence and trading excellence in the dynamic industry.

                At BullsEye Markets we present multiple account types, varied trading platform and marketing tools to help individuals and company trade forex online. Mutual with multiple account opening options and fast execution, Bullseye let traders of all level access with trading at the heart of our activity. Dedicated to provide an unbeatable trading experience we continuously strive to assure the development of our services with industry leading technology.

                Need To Contact Us?

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                We are always here to help our clients with all facilities. Want to forge your ideas through our world of business. Here is our contact detail, we will reach out to you to discuss your needs within 24hrs.

                E- Mail:-

                Address:- Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road,
                Ajeltake Island,
                Marshal Islands MH96960.

                Contact Number:- +442032907311
                For more details visit this link:-


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                  BullsEye Markets Micro Account

                  Money is necessary thing when you have decided to trade forex. In forex market there is the solution available for every situation. Micro account is the best for new investors who don’t have enough money for start their trading career.

                  Micro forex trading accounts are designed for new traders. They allow clients to trade with real money without exposing them to high risks. Forex micro accounts are not just for under-financed Forex traders. They also present opportunities for more experienced Forex traders to experiment. If an experienced trader doesn't have a demo account or wants to use a new strategy without maximizing risk, the Forex micro accounts are there for him. When the trader is comfortable with the new tactics, he can switch to his regular account at any time.

                  Micro Accounts Specifications:-

                  Trading Platforms - Meta Trader 4

                  Spreads Types : Variable

                  Spreads from (pips): 1

                  Trading Instruments: All Available

                  Minimum Deposit (USD): $50

                  Minimum trade size (Lots): 0.01

                  Maximum Leverage: 1:1000

                  Market Execution: Yes

                  Maximum Total Trade Size (Lots): 7 lots

                  Max Simultaneous Open Orders: 150

                  Margin Call: 50%

                  Stop Out Level: 20%

                  Personal Account Manager: No

                  Account Currency: USD

                  Commission for forex pairs: No

                  Personalised Service: No

                  Bonus: Yes

                  Swap Free:- Available for Muslim faith only